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以下是针对BEC考试口语环节的一些常用语句,现在让我们一起学习吧!Hopper公司以经营电子零件制造为主,为扩展欧洲市场,已至人工便宜的东欧国家寻求代工厂商。但最近盛传东欧工厂使用次级原料,造成消费者对Hopper不满。老板 Raymond与市调部经理Nina及生产部经理Jonathan为此紧急进行磋商。


Raymond: What the heck is going on here?Howcould we be so completely in the dark about theserumors until now? J

onathan: There've been a lot of stories that factories in Eastern Europe are using second-ratematerials to save costs.

Raymond: We've all heard those stories, but how were they linked with us? Can you clarify theissues?

Nina: Some people say that some local middlemen knew all about these things. They didn'treport it because the factories gave them extra money. Our local middleman was one of them.When people learned about the stories, most thought that we must have known about theproblems too.

Raymond: My Lord!! Jonathan, what's our best course of action here? You're sure that we'renot using cheap materials anymore, aren't you?

Jonathan: I've been to all of the factories there; no second-rate materials that I could see. Itcould be they're still secretly working with other factories, though. I'll do some more checking.

Raymond: Even if we didn't know, people would still think it's our fault for not checkingenough. And then we'll be in big trouble.

Nina: Let me put that another way. If sales get any worse we could go belly up very quickly.What we have to do is quite clear. We need to start some damage control on our publicimage... right away.


●  请求详细说明

1. Can you clarify the issues?

2. Can you tell us more about the situation?

3. Can you give us more detail on what has happened?

4. Could you please explain the present situation?


●  征询建议

1. What's our best course of action (here)?

2. What are our options here?

3. What avenues do we have open here?

4. What courses of action are open to us?

"course"是‘方针;路线’;"action"为‘行动’;"best course of action"就是‘最有利的行动、最佳做事方向’。这句型是问‘该采取什么行动才最有利’。此句型用于揭露问题之后,请大家共同脑力激荡,想出最好的办法。如果要请某人发言,则可在问号之前加上此人的姓名。

●  结论性的建议

1. What we have to do is quite clear.

2. What we need to do is evident.

3. What we must do is obvious.

4. What we should do is easy to see.


● More 提出建议



The only solution is to...

I see no other alternative but to...

There is no alternative but to...

We must...


I recommend that we should...

I think we should...

My recommendation is that we should...

I would suggest that we...

We should / we ought to...

If I were you I would...


We could always...

It might be a good idea to...

Have you thought of...?

One solution would be to...

What about...?


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